Business Operations Strategist

SMR Worldwide - Charlotte, NC

Job Summary

SMR Worldwide ( is seeking a multi-faceted, self-driven individual to take the reins in identifying,
mobilizing, and solving mission critical challenges as a day-to-day partner to the company’s CEO and President & EVP Product
Sales. Highly strategic with tactical requirements, this role exposes you to the COO seat of a supersonic-growth company
without people management duties.

Preferred Qualifications and Qualities

– 2-5 years’ management consulting
– 1-2 years’ private equity and/or other job functions with deep exposure to accounting, finance, and forecasting
– Experience working with companies in manufacturing operations, logistics & supply chain, technology-enabled services,
managed IT services, insurance (healthcare or otherwise)
– Obsessed with tackling complicated problems head-on
– Goal-oriented and dedicated to seeing deliverables through, regardless of the skill level at which he/she must operate
– Able to prioritize (80/20) multiple high-pressure projects with the wherewithal to move on so as to avoid spinning wheels
– Can work fast and beat/hit deadlines
– Is an all-around business athlete capable of running long marathons and sprints
– Doesn’t take himself/herself too seriously

Biz-Ops Strategist