Director of North American Operations

Sprout - Charlotte, NC

Job Summary

Sprout is seeking an organized, proactive individual who gets deep into the weeds. He or she will shoulder the responsibility of maximizing profit for three North American processing facilities’ operating P&L statements, with more facilities rapidly coming online. The first three to six months of this role will revolve around: 1) identifying and prioritizing KPIs; 2) setting up coordinated floor and system processes to unobtrusively but dynamically measure performance; 3) top-grading direct reports into disciplined, customer-focused, accountable, and outcome-oriented managers.
After that, he or she will focus on developing and leading various improvements in operational discipline, efficiency, security, and quality. We are looking for the perpetual optimizer, someone who is never satisfied with the status quo, and who challenges himself/herself and others to chase perfection.

Preferred Qualifications, Knowledge, & Qualities

– Have a background in industrial and/or process engineering
– Have 5+ years’ experience in the IT Asset Disposition industry
– Have 10+ years’ experience in manufacturing, supply chain, and/or (reverse) logistics
– Have exceptional ability with process and work instruction development and implementation
– Demonstrate comfort with KPI development and implementation
– Have previous management experience in hyper-growth companies
– Be motivated to creatively solve complex, ambiguous problems in a dynamic, fast-face environment
– Be rigorously disciplined and hold himself/herself and others fully accountable to exceed to committed expectations
– Be an excellent communicator and self-confident in articulating his/her fact-based opinions to not just the operations
vertical but sales, HR, finance, and IT as well
– Demonstrate ability to motivate and energize others in a team-based setting to agree and work on operational targets
– Be working on-site at Sprout’s various sites >50%