29 November 2018 3 Min Read

2018 Fall Leadership Conference: Reflections

New Capital Partners continued our dedication to Building Great Companies at this year’s fifth annual Fall Leadership Conference. On November 5 – 7, 2018, the NCP team and leaders from our portfolio companies gathered at the beautiful Birmingham Botanical Gardens for a powerful three-day workshop.


The FLC is built around what we consider the four pillars of Building Great Companies: Strategy, People, Culture and Sales. Because these pillars are so vital to us and our companies, we consult experts in each of these initiatives to join us for the conference, where we all exchange ideas, gain new insights and learn actionable takeaways. NCP strives to be a strong partner to our companies, and the FLC is a great opportunity for us to truly work together.

Heather Mills, Vice President of Finance at FireRock Building Materials, liked having the chance to share ideas with other teams. “I very much enjoyed my first NCP Leadership Conference.  I particularly liked meeting and networking with the other portfolio businesses and NCP associates.  It was a great opportunity to get together and share best practices and feedback from others in my same role,” she said.


Jackie Eustis, Vice President of Corporate Development at Hospice Partners of America, agreed. She said, “It’s always great to take a few days, even when you’re really busy, to re-center yourself around big goals for next year and new sales and management strategies. Another added benefit of the conference was the chance to be in a room with other high-performing executive teams and learn from not only their ideas, but their questions too.”


Leaving the conference with actionable plans and goals is crucial to putting insights to use and bringing the initiatives from the conference into our everyday practices. “Most leadership conferences are full of information that seems applicable at the time, but in practice turns out to be more theory than baked from all-natural experience. This conference was different – I actually brought the slide deck home and am using several parts of it in my daily operations,” said Norm Laudermilch, Chief Operations Officer at ControlCase.


Leaders walked away from the conference feeling motivated and confident. Josh Keller, Chief Product Officer at Collect Rx, said, “I think that the conference sparked a lot of side discussion with the management team that was very beneficial, particularly around how the personalities and strengths/weakness of individuals apply to the responsibility that they are assigned. There was also some validation in that we have implemented many of the concepts that were discussed, even if we may not have referred to them with the same terminology.”


New Capital Partners firmly believes commitment to Building Great Companies means a commitment to constant and consistent improvement, not only in our portfolio companies, but in our own company as well. The FLC is just one way we support our mission. Thank you to everyone who attended this year. We are confident everyone will finish the year strong, and we look forward to gathering again next year.