14 November 2019 2 Min Read

2019 Fall Leadership Conference: Reflections

November 5 – 6 marked the sixth annual New Capital Partners Fall Leadership Conference. Leaders from across the NCP portfolio joined us in Birmingham for two days of learning, brainstorming and workshopping to gain new strategies and actionable takeaways for growing our businesses.

This year, Day 1 was focused on culture and employee engagement. The ghSmart team led a session on why employee engagement and motivation are crucial to our companies’ success and growth. Later, we learned how to measure and improve engagement and motivation.

In the evening, attendees enjoyed a panel moderated by TripleTree, featuring former NCP CEOs that have successfully sold their companies discussing the best strategies for exit preparation.

On Day 2, Simon-Kucher presented sessions on sales and revenue generation, and leaders from our portfolio companies got to work together with their peers to improve their own sales processes.

Craig Holbrook, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Volly, was a first-time attendee this year. Holbrook said, “The NCP leadership training meeting was among some of the best and most useful training meetings I have attended. I liked the collegial, supportive atmosphere to openly discuss challenges and issues and share best practices with peers in a collaborative environment. The training sessions were practical with easily implantable applications to improve operations, teams and sales. The subject matter experts brought a wealth of experience with consultative knowledge to impart to the group.”

Inga Broerman, VP of Marketing at Collect Rx, also said she left the conference with practical solutions and ideas. “The opportunity to learn from not only our colleagues in other portfolio companies, but also the external experts, was tremendous.  We were able to take some great theoretical best practices and discuss their application in real world examples, something that isn’t often the case in these types of conferences.  We walked away with some validation of our current practices as well as completely new ideas applied to our challenges and 2020 planning,” Broerman said.

At NCP, we  firmly believe that building great companies means a commitment to constant and consistent improvement. We are dedicated to adding value to our companies by finding the best ways to provide top-notch service to each company’s customers, and the annual Fall Leadership Conference gives us the opportunity to do that with our partners.

Holbrook added, “Our NCP partners executed a great event and facilitated a knowledge share that every participant can use to improve company performance to raise the value of each of their portfolio of companies. We couldn’t ask for a better invested partner in our success than NCP.”