18 December 2018 4 Min Read

A Conversation with Kishor Vaswani, CEO of ControlCase, LLC

ControlCase is the largest provider of Compliance as a Service (CaaS) services and a leading provider of PCI DSS compliance services internationally. ContolCase’s managed compliance solutions enable companies of all sizes to achieve compliance in multiple standards more consistently in and less time. An NCP portfolio company since 2016, ControlCase has had an exciting few years. NCP had a conversation with Founder and CEO Kishor Vaswani about the company’s recent achievements and goals for the future.

New Capital Partners: ControlCase has had some major changes lately. You hired three new executives in the past couple of months. Can you tell me a bit about them and what they each bring to the team?

Kishor Vaswani:  We are fortunate to be in an industry (security and compliance) that is absolutely going to be a mainstay within IT groups globally. The industry is in its nascent stage, and all indications call for rapid growth over the coming years with clear market leaders to be determined in the years to come. At ControlCase, we are focused on ensuring that we are the leaders when that happens, and we needed a world-class management team with experience doing that. Kevin Baillie (our CFO) has worked with some of the most advanced IT companies in the world. Norm Laudermilch (our COO) has scaled leading managed security services and anti-malware businesses. And Steve Litzow (President – Americas) has built a career in listening to customers and ensuring the right message is delivered. We feel that with this team in place, we are well on our way to becoming the number one IT Compliance company.


NCP: ControlCase hosted the 2018 Data Security and Compliance Summit in November in Fort Lauderdale. What did the conference entail? Why is the conference beneficial and important for attendees?

KV: Yes, we have two conferences every year: one for our International customers (in Dubai this year), and as you mentioned, in Fort Lauderdale for our North American clients. Our conference is a knowledge sharing endeavor, where we present leading topics in security and compliance, such as GDPR, Business and Usual Compliance, Forensics and other topics our customers can benefit from. We feel the conference allows us and our customers to learn from each other, as well as from within our own organizations.


NCP: What was your favorite part of the conference?

KV: We live in a world where conference calls and web meetings have become very common in the pace of business. My favorite part has always been meeting customers in an informal setting and getting to know them in person, beyond the workplace. In that process, I have made some great friends over the years.


NCP: In July, ControlCase was named to the PCI SSC Global Executive Assessor Roundtable. Can you explain what this is and why it is an important distinction for ControlCase?

KV: Yes, we were fortunate to be selected by the PCI Security Standards Council as a member of their assessor roundtable. This is a forum of leading global compliance and security companies in the space of cardholder data security, providing input on how to make the payment system more secure. The selection criteria called for being a leader in the space, as well as being able to shape how the world of payment security and security/compliance in general moves forward. Being able to contribute to that has been very beneficial and satisfying.


NCP: What do you love most about working at ControlCase, and what are you most proud of?

KV: This is probably the simplest answer: I love ControlCase because of the people I work with. The people include the entire ecosystem, i.e., my colleagues, our customers and our investors and shareholders. As I tell everyone, we spend most of our life at work, so you might as well make that the most enjoyable.


NCP: Describe the partnership between ControlCase and New Capital Partners. What has been the most beneficial part of this relationship and working with NCP?

KV: As entrepreneur, we are all driven to make things better and change for the positive. After driving the company for over a decade, we partnered with NCP as we were looking for a partner to get us the next level. I feel the two areas that have been the most beneficial are learning and people. I have learned more than I could ever imagine working with our board and NCP over the last two years. I have learned more about how to run a business, but I have also learned that nothing is ever perfect, and we have to keep on striving to make things better with the resources we do have. Secondly, and equally important, is the aspect that ties to your first question. Having a world class-team and people such as Steve, Norm and Kevin join our existing talented team consisting of Suresh [Dadlani] and Satya [Rane], would not have been possible without having NCP as a partner in our journey.

To learn more about ControlCase, their services and the team, visit their website. To read the full press release on the recent executive hires, check out this Business Wire article.