Nicole Burchfield

Chief Administrative Officer

Nicole joined the NCP team in 2018. As the Chief Administrative Officer, Nicole is executive assistant to the Managing Partners, facilitates all investor communication, NCP Build programming, portfolio company engagement, and oversees all administrative functions of the NCP office. After graduating from the University of Alabama, Nicole was selected to Norfolk Southern’s Management Trainee Program in Atlanta, GA. After completion of the program, Nicole spent the next eight years working as an Assistant Manager, a Budget & Planning Coordinator, and lastly, the Division Office Manager in Birmingham, AL.

Nicole earned a BS in Business Management from the University of Alabama.

Of the five NCP Values, which is your favorite one? Why?

My favorite NCP value is “Be committed and care.” Caring is contagious. Being surrounded by people who are committed to doing what it takes to succeed is inspiring and encourages you to do the same day in and day out.

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

One of my greatest professional accomplishments is being able to keep an office running with two people that normally staffs five. At my previous employer, I was promoted from an Administrative Assistant to the Office Manager. At the same time, we went from an office of five employees to an office of just two overnight. We were able to dig in and keep the office successfully running for multiple months until we were able to recruit and hire new staff members. It was one of the toughest and most stressful situations I have found myself in, and I am proud of being able to learn and grow from the madness.

What are some words of wisdom you live by?

I fully believe in treating others the way you want to be treated. I think the power of building relationships is endless, and having a support system in which you can count on one another is the ultimate goal.